Success Story
Jennitra Jeeva speaks……….

For me success is a journey and not a destination. When I was working in SCAD World School as a staff Nurse I came to know about Montessori Teacher Training Programme through internet. Then I selected Jothiraj Institutions, a unit of Agni Foundation to study Montessori Teacher Training Course. In April 2014 I joined in this course. With the help and guidance of Ms. Geetha Mam and Mrs. Kanagavalli Mam I have now completed this course successfully.

A teacher must possess the ability to listen , share, respect others , laugh, cry, move o, teach and transfer information , ask f or forgiveness, admit when they make a mistake, know that they are not perfect and patience beyond measure, see and set boundaries, possess empathy.

My goal as a teacher is to translate response into results. Some teachers teach for others to learn. That is not me. Some teachers teach for others to accomplish. That is me.

I worked sincerely to complete all my requirements in due time. I spent my precious time to complete my creative album, general knowledge album, maths album, scrap alum, English album, rhymes album and group album. I wrote my theory exams and practical exams at Jothiraj Institutions.

I FOUND THAT THE MORE I GAVE, THE MORE I GOT. This was not in terms of material gains which my course as a teacher could offer to me.

A student own deep sense of gratitude to all those who have contributed to the successful completion of this endeavour.

I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude and special thanks to Ms. Geethalakshmi Mam. Her continuous encouragement, keen interest, valuable guidance, motivation and mentorship to make this study a grand success.

I thank and express my heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Kanagavalli Mam. Her valuable guidance and moral support and for constantly encouraging me in doing this course.

Thanks to God. I am bestowed with these gifts that enable me to translate “my success story’ from this page to real life.

- K. Jennitra Jeeva

I am R. Ganesan. My native place is Madurai. I have come from middle class family. I have one elder brother, one elder sister and two younger brothers. Now I am working as Assistant Professor at Sankara College of Science and Commerce in Coimbatore. After that I had joined in the same college for pursuing my M.Phil which was completed in October 2012.

Then I came to know that there is a vacancy for statistics at SANSAC. Hence I attended the interview which took nearly a day. Actually I went to the college at 8.30 A.M. All the interview process was completed at 5.30P.M. After that I was asked to wait for fifteen minutes. At 5.45 P.M. the management called me to their cabin. They informed me that “you are appointed as Assistant Professor in our college” along with the appointment order.

It was a moment for me when my happiness knew no bounds. I was a fresher then whence I started my teacher career. I had joined the college on 25th June 2013 where my department was functioning as an allied department. I had to handle statistics for B.Com., CA, BBA and B.Sc., courses. When I entered into my first class, I was happy at the same time I had a kind of fear in me. Many questions arouse within myself as to how I would tackle the class and students? How to deliver my speech? But fortunately I had a good start.

Even though I started well I had some difficulties to face. I had difficulties in every class I had faced. I came to know the area of difficulties which was lack of communication. Due to this I had to face many problems. I know the application of my subject but I didn’t know how to explain this to the students in English. I also had difficulty in pronouncing certain words while dictating notes to my students. Later I came to know about the seriousness of this problem. I thought if I am not able to solve this problem it was unable for me to survive in this world.

The only solution to these problems is to improve my language. Immediately I searched for a solution to this problem. Hence I approached Jothiraj Institutions, A unit of Agni Foundation for my spoken English classes. As days went by I had a belief in me that I can improve my skill. Madam helped me a lot. The exercises provided were related to my thinking. Basic grammar also was taught. Now I can easily understand. I can understand what others speak too.
- R. Ganesan
Assistant Professor
Sankara College of Science and Commerce

Nagarathinam speaks……….
Gone are the days when women were considered no match for all powerful men in this world. Today women have overcome all negative notions and have proved themselves beyond doubt in all spheres of life including the field of entrepreneurship. I am happy that I am one among them.

Since March 1998 I am running a shop under the name and style as “VENI FOOT WEAR” where we sell footwear.

Once I had a financial problem. I approached my neighbor cum friend Mrs. Shantha who took me to M/s. Agni Foundation.

Since then I am a member of Agni Foundation.

Initially I was supported with small amounts. Now my life has undergone drastic transformation.

Each time I am supported, I use it for business development only.

I understood that without the three key pillars – relationship, connection and strategy there is no financial success. Otherwise it is extremely challenging to succeed.

Now I am supported with a huge sum. This amount I have invested in bringing a stock of school shoes. For this I did not produce any kind of documents.

After enrolling myself in Agni Foundation I am able to run my family smoothly and my business successfully.

Now I am a successful entrepreneur. My success in the business has prompted me to bring in more stock.

I have got enough courage and confidence only after enrolling myself at Agni Foundation.

I understood that women have to
a. Accept and move forward from failure
b. Power up with more self confidence
c. Ask for what they need and want to succeed.

Our trust comes forward with assistance to make the ventures of the members successful.

- Nagarathinam

Due to my Daughter’s education I migrated to Coimbatore from Trichy. Through sources I came to know about the activities of Agni Foundation. I approached Agni Foundation in person to know more details as to how I can be benefitted.

Now, I am confident of carrying on my business. Poverty reduction is a hard nut to crack. It takes time. With the assistance and guidance of Agni Foundation it is done fast.

Basically, I am entrepreneur manufacturing artificial jewellery. Agni Foundation arranged for me a few training programmes.

They create marketing opportunity too.

I also make use of the financial assistance they provide from time to time which transformed my life. It has largely contributed to the upliftment of my social and economic life.

Earlier I was depending on my husband for my day to day expenses. Today I am independent. Lack of awareness among women is a major problem.

Today I have gained social security. Once I joined Agni Foundation I gained awareness regarding women rights and responsibilities. Through the schemes provided poverty is alleviated by creating marketing opportunities thereby ensuring financial and social security.

- N. Chitra

From Roots to Fruits
Agni – not a fire but it is an Olympic torch to light the families which are in darker side. I am very proud that I am a member of Agni Foundation.

A decade ago I joined Agni Foundation where I can survive my life with small savings. It paved the way for my prosperous, wonderful, delightful, extragavant lie with all the social status, in the modern world. Whenever I am dejected, depressed, blindfolded “Agni Foundation” guides me in the right path to raise and to flourish.

Agni Foundation rendered me its full support for my educational expenses, buying of lands and at critical times. Now I lead a glorious life – all this was possible only by joining hands with Agni Foundation.

I hope people would realize their worth after joining Agni Foundation.

Apart from social services it never stops its work but it gives the spark and makes them feel their individuality.


- C. Balamurugan
   Member of Agni Foundation

I, Elizabeth Sagaya Mary, a member of this Foundation joined this foundation when I contacted my friend, Mrs. Santha for a financial support of Rs.10,000.00 who is also a member of this association. She guided me to this association.

I have got loan 3 times once I got Rs.10,000.00 as there was a sudden need of money and for the second time I got Rs.25,000.00 in which I was able to pay the margin money for the bike for my son. 3rd time again I got an amount of Rs.25,000.00 which was very useful for the higher studies (B.Ed.,) of my daughter who wished to continue her studies after her UG studies.

Though I’m a housewife I’m proud that I could also support my family during financial crisis. I could get my courage through this association only. I’m also proud to be a member of this association the credit may also go to the madam Ms. Geethalakshmi who is in-charge, guided and helped in my situations…

Thanks & Regards,
Elizabeth Sagaya Mary

A small stone to a mountain
I feel very proud to be a member of “Agni Foundation”. I am a home maker doing my house hold work and there is enough time to relax myself at home. But my mind wishes to do something during my leisure hour.

Once I came to know there is a foundation called “AGNI” through my friends which gives much importance to Women Development I joined the foundation by paying a small amount as savings. After a period of half year they sanctioned me a loan which was helpful to me to support my family.

Today I am availing a huge sum as loan. Gradually, my savings grew. Now I feel I am independent in my life. It gave me self – confidence, freedom, self-analysis and knowledge of the society. I assure that even after I quit from the group a lump sum will be credited in my account which I saved earlier.

The victory and the steps I came across in my life is a stepping stone of “Agni Foundation”.

- Mrs. R. Karthiyaini

A story that tells the Truth
I am here to express my gratitude and my life with Agni Foundation.

After completing my twelfth standard I worked in so many companies which paid nothing apart from my salary. Through family circle I joined in this group and saved a little amount as savings. After certain period I was sanctioned a loan by this foundation. It was very helpful to me to support my family. Later I availed another loan which helped me in carrying out my medical expenses.

It gives training programms for women to enrich their knowledge and their social background.

The highlight of the foundation is that a man or a woman who is 18 and above can join without any caste discrimination. Now I feel secure that I am not only independent but helping my family needs also. As a spinster I am very proud and the success I gained is a credit to Agni Foundation.

Come, join. Let us cherish our life together for a better future with Agni Foundation.

- Ms. Punithavathi